Thursday, August 30, 2007

I FFFFOUND Great Images

Recently I found the site ffffound! and although its still in the private beta testing phase, I can wait for it to be fully functional. Its seems to be halfway between design blogging (minus the text) and bookmarking your favorite sites.
Basically users bookmark there favorite images, and then these are posted to the main site dependent on the number of users that favorited the same images. And thats not all! once you browse the sites many posted images, when you click on one you like, it dynamically shows you other images related be users that voted for the same images, thus giving you images mostly of the same style/taste... very useful I think. check it out here: FFFFOUND!
Thats how I came across this cool image by Peter Hempel, there are many more unrelated images at his site, definitely worth a look.

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