Monday, August 6, 2007

Lace-up Socks by Ilusoria

I have to say, that in recent weeks I have become more and more of a fan of There are just so many good designers selling their own products, its quite refreshing, and inspiring.

These lace-up crocheted socks, by ilusoria, are brilliant (although me being a guy, I cant say I'd buy them for myself, but I can think of more than a number of girls I know, that would love them).
Also my Etsy store will be opening soon. very soon.


Diana Coronado said...

Ohh myy, they're cool!!

ilusoria said...

Oh wow, thank you for featuring my socks on this blog!

Today I noticed many people had marked them as a favourite on Etsy, and I also got unusually many questions about them in one day. I cannot think of any other reason for this than your blog. So, thanks again, you're much too sweet. :)

Sanni xx

ilusoria said...

Oops, I meant back in August I wondered why the sudden interest, and only today I found this blog.

Seems like I could use some coffee right now. :D