Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hard Edge? Fashion & Photography

Ok, first off I appologise for the vagueness of this post, but these guys (Sunday Workshop, unappreciated.scholar) are super busy, and I'll get all the proper info (maybe and interview, if I get a chance) when its possible.

Anyway, I came across their blog Sunday Workshop, and apart from the pictures being really cool (I couldn't believe most/if not all are from my home town Durban,RSA), but the fashion is also really cool. Its definitely more Haute Couture than fashion, "Hard Edge" as they put it, but cool none the less. As soon as i glean more info out of them, I'll post it.
I'm hoping they'll be interested in being featured as the fashion component in a magazine I'm working on at the moment (but thats still in the wings).

From a featurette on them in a local e-zine :

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Spray Glue said...

Jamal and the crew are great guys! with amazing ideas bouncing around their heads. When I first saw The Beard a while back I was so impressed with their photographic/fashion skills.