Monday, October 8, 2007

Premio Vico Magistretti results

Finally the results for the Premio Vico Magistretti
'Living simplicity in furniture design' competition have been published. Although I never won (the winning entries were brilliant), I was one of he shortlisted participants and will have my design featured in the book being published by DesignBOOM. You can see all the other shortlisted entries HERE (Mine is about 8th from the top).

Check out he book for sale HERE, I've ordered mine already. I must say, I'm quite chuffed.


sharon said...

well done chris! not bad for a boytjie from durbs.

Magistretti's Lost Ethos said...

The competition was titled 'living simplicity in furniture design' so I was disappointed that the primary requirement of 'simplicity' was not present in so many of the shorlisted entries. This quality appears to have been overlooked in favour of cleverness, dual functionality and conceptual juxtapositioning.

I researched and studied Magistretti's body of work in order to refine my design to a level of simplicity that I think he would have appreciated. On seeing the selected shorlist and the entries that received awards I now feel that my efforts were wasted for the purpose of this competition.

Maybe I should have endowed my design with multiple functions and user interaction, even though that was something that Magistretti rarely, if ever, did. He appears to have preferred simple and elegant form with singular function. He may not be turning in his grave, but I feel certain he would have chosen differently.

And surely Peter Marigold's 'Prop', which received an honorable mention, breaks the competition rule...
"small accessories are not accepted".

I don't have a problem with losing, I just don't like losing out in a competion that breaks its own rules and ethos.

Christopher de Beer said...

well i cant say that i totally agree with you, Not to say that i "won" far from it, but of those that were selected, it thought they were pretty good, not all but m

It would be nice if you could email me an image of the work you sent in ,so i can see if i agree with you or not.

I'm not entirely sure if you're implying that my submission was one of those "lost ethos" designs.
from christopher

Magistretti's Lost Ethos said...

Hi Christopher

I wasn't implying anything... just venting spleen really. I wanted to put my comments on the designboom results page but it appears that it's not possible to post comments there.

Actually, I think your submission does hold true to Magistretti's design ethos.

Also I did not say that the winning designs were not good. They were very good. But they were not in keeping with the competition theme or Magistretti's design ethos.

I don't understand why you need to see my design in order to decide if you agree with my comments or not. I never said my design deserved to be shortlisted. I simply said that my design had a level of simplicity that I think Magistretti would have appreciated.

I'm happy to be proved wrong. All you need to do is show me a Magistretti furniture design which has either multiple functions like Line Depping's table; conceptual juxtapositioning like the Yuki chair or changeable form and user interaction like the Boox storage system.

But Peter Marigold's Prop can only be classed as an accessory. It's not a matter of opinion that the rules said "small accessories are not accepted".

gg said...