Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Classic Type vs. Lumo Colours

I recently revisited a site I had bookmarked ages ago, called Graphic-ExchnGE. Only to realize how brilliant it is. Its fairly similar in concept to most design blogs, in that its someone finding well designed things and showing the world. Although the "writer" (Fabien Barral) lets the images talk for themselves, showing only the work and providing just a link to the company/designers site.

This is where I found the two pictures I'm showing you, the first (above) by Mucca Design is awesome, I love the grey and lumo green with brilliant type.

The second is also very cool, this time by design studio Hawaii Design London, I'm sensing a trend in the ones I liked though, old fashioned type juxtaposed with grey stock, and lumo colours. All very cool. via Graphic-ExchnGE

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