Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You Dont Matter

"We converted a plotting machine into an output device, that can draw, scratch or cut with almost any traditional drawing technique, in order to achieve aesthetics looking neither drawn by hand nor produced with only a computer. Most interesting and inspiring are all the little mistakes this machine produces, because of too much data, too much water, color, pressure etc. There are always gradients because the color gets less and less as the machine draws on. This expansion space describes the machine's actual identity. No Image looks like the other. And if you put a camera infront of the machine and take a time exposure it draws with light in the air like Picasso did with his hand." You Dont Matter
Very cool experiment, looking at the role of the designer, and in the end showing that you don't need human intervention for that "mark of the maker" effect. I especially like the work done by etching/scraping into wax (abive). I vaguely remember using this technique in primary school. [via ManyStuff]

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