Monday, May 5, 2008

A one lady fashion catalogue

Ok. I'm not sure where to start, when I started my blog I had intended (or at least imagined) it to be full of graphic design (of the print variety), but as I sit here and contemplate my previous post trends, it would seem I'm far more interested in fashion that what I had thought. Thankfully not to the point of excluding all other disciplines of graphic/visual design. It's rather enlightening to see the things I've found visually appealing through the time I've been posting here. I blame Gary of SprayGlue for my subtle shift towards fashion.
Anyway. This post is actually about a miss Liebemarlene Vintage. I came across her Flickr page whilst browsing the net for fashion reference for work, and OMF is her sense style good. The pictures are awesome too. So far as i can gather (I'm not one for research), she buys her clothes at thrift/antique stores, then sells them on via Ebay.

[Coincidentally the sunglasses she's wearing remind me of my beautiful girlfriend]


Ismael said...

Hi, Im Ismael, from Uruguay, which is in South America right in the west of South Africa. We have just the Atlantic between us, just.. hehe
Well we have the same age, and id like to know you.. dont know
well my blog is
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so long

Ismael said...

Please tell me it was a joke, I talk about your comment on my blog.
My blog is in Spanish not in Portuguese! please!! hehe they are very different.

Joanna Goddard said...

thanks for this post, i had the same thing happen -- i didnt' think i'd ever post about fashion but now i have, a lot! fashion and design are so similar. xo

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, the fashion and style ! And especially the vintage sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

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