Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chokolate Mmm

I've been getting very weary of those "lists" that seem to be flying around the internet, especially those that claim such extravagances as "top 50 business card ideas". For me that roughly translates into "How to get out of doing anything even remotely creative for your 1st year Corporate ID project", or "Idiots guide to copying and plagiarism."
This on the other had I found over at Graphics-Exchange. And I have to say I think its awesome, not in the sense that makes one think "Oh gee wiz, I gotta try that", rather in the sense that it makes ones heart race and thoughts fly through your head like "Fucking hell! I wish I'd done something that cool. Ever!" ... I think you get the idea.
The comprehensive identity entitled "Chokolate Mmm" was done by Bunch Design, for dance studio and agency Chokolate.
[via Graphic-Exchange]