Friday, November 14, 2008

London Towne

I'm in London, at last. The last 3 months organising Visa's and such like, and now I'm finally hereI arrived on Saturday the 8th of November, and have as yet only done 1 day of freelance design work (for a company called Velvet). But so far so good.

I had told myself that I wasnt going to do the whole touristy thing, but really its hard to avoid. The pic above is what seems to be a Shepherd Fairley poster that I past on my way to my interview in Battersea. I'm not sure if its the real deal or not (and I suppose it doesnt really mean much to people who pass stuff like that all the time), but I was quite chuffed. Especially since (via the interwebs) I hear the Smithsonian Institute is planning on buying Fairley's portrait of US President Elect Mr Obama, for $75,000.00. Thats pretty awesome.

I did manage to let my batteries run flat on the one day I happened across a SpaceInvader tile installation (near Westminster Bridge) whilst sightseeing with fellow South Africans Tammy and Jason (dunno what their surnames are), but oh well, I'll take a pic of it soon enough.

Anyway London is awesome so far, and I look forward to meeting tonnes of people.