Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ice Lolly

"Water that floats freely and makes contact with minerals is able to regain its vitality and its crystal structure. This was the inspiration for Dutch designer Nienke Vording to develop a series products for water consumption." via Core77
Its a very "Nice" idea, not sure if it goes much beyond that though, I cant help thinking its a little contrived... although that sounds a bit too harsh. Whilst I applaud those people that drink natural water, I can hardly see how the "Ice-lolly" is making it more accessible or practical. But to be fair I'm not sure what the designer's original intention was (His website is in Dutch). It's a "Nice" idea, but not sure whether it's much more than that.

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Anonymous said...

Ice lollies with a laser crystal as a rod. The ice has various flavours: mint, red pepper, lavender, rampart note, star anise and other fruit. Each frozen element uses its own taste and fragrance to flavour the water without further additives. - So i guess its a natural alternative to a chemical filled ice lolly.