Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Roadsworth Tour de France

"The grey area between graffiti and vandalism is more than theoretical for Roadsworth: his controversial street images have turned pavements in politics in the city of Montreal and rekindled debate about the nature of public art." Lost O

Peter Gibson, the man behind the Roadsworth graffiti identity, began taking to the streets of Montreal in late 2001, spray-painting cyclist symbols on the roads to protest the lack of bike lanes and paths in the city. Gradually his street images have developed into increasingly symbolic displays of civic and environmental critique.
"pedestrian crossings on the Plateau Mont-Royal turned giant footprints; orange stencils of barbed wire lined crosswalks; heart monitor-like spikes and valleys punctuated centerlines on roadways." Lost O

His most recent being a flock of birds road installation on the UK leg of the Tour de France as seen above. Noticed first at Wooster Collective.

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