Thursday, July 19, 2007

Uniqlo's UNIQLOCK Viral Advertising

"The theme of this campaign is to spread the approach of Uniqlo globally through communication in fashion, music and dance beyond the language barrier." Shift
I don't even know where to begin... I am totally disgusted, amazed and intrigued that I am even posting this. On the one hand, this albiet viral advert for Uniqlo, is brilliant. I first saw it at Netdiver, a small unobtrusive moving advert. But I was hooked, I spent the next 2 hours of my day tracking down where it came from, what its purpose was etc. Then 1 more hour trying to get the code so that I could post in here.

Supposedly by posting it I stand a chance of winning a G-shock watch with their logo emblazoned on it, but I can't honestly say I want one.
"Already 5 428 users with 7 503 uniqlocks from 59 countries, and 6 472 263 views from 176 countries. " Rxbbx
The part that I can't even believe, is that I've been sucked into advertising for Uniqlo for free, even though i know that I'm doing just that. And no matter how much i justify it by saying that I think it's wonderful to look at, and a brilliant piece of motion graphics, I'm just another sucker/victim of the brilliant designers/marketers.
"The clock sound on the dance video uses original Fantastic Plastic Machine sound from Tomoyuki Tanaka." Fast Retailing

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