Friday, July 27, 2007

Tape Cassette Trend followup

Its seems that they are everywhere, we cant get away from them I noticed this book cover at The Book Design Review blog, and as cool as I think it is, I can't help but notice which "band-wagon" it comes off. After reading the artical at DesignBOOM about our current nostalgic fetish with Tape Cassettes, I couldn't stop noticing them everywhere. I particularly like the Hasbro Cassette tape Transformers, produced in 1984, I think they're wonderful, and have definitely stood the test of time.


Diana Coronado said...

Woww !! Great piece of art!!


cotton candy said...

omgosh. this is such a cool blog and i also happen to have a fascination with casette tapes. they just look so...good!! lol.

emily said...

CdB -->

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