Monday, September 17, 2007

Flickr Finds

Image by Elif Sanem Karakoc.

Image by nancz.

Image by Elkie.

Image by 9x13.

All of the above images have just recently been added to my favorites on flickr.
Very very cool images, that I just had to share. Also I learnt for the first time what on earth a dyptich is (thanks to 9x13's pics).


Freshly Found said...

Thanks Chris! It will be good to see some of Egg Design's stuff! The Orange thing just sort of happened, but I am enjoying the ride.
Looking forward to seeing your Orange stuff too. The Style Files and Grys also have a colour scheme thing going - they are doing Grey!

Diana Coronado said...

Nice pic
Check out

chinoise said...

cool pics. esp the second and last one =)