Monday, September 17, 2007

Me been Tagged, Arrrg

Ok here goes, I've bin tagged for the second time, (you can tell the novelty hasn't worn off yet, cus I've kept count, hahaha a whole 2). This time by Jesse of Jezzeblog.

And here are the 7 things: hmmmmm,
1) I drink far to much tea, it has to be unhealthy.
2) I am loving Japan and I, a band from jo'burg at the moment.
3) I'm in the process of trying to write my 12 000 word Btech Academic report for my graphic design degree. Arrrrggg!!!
4) Currently I'm holding my breath, until I sell my first item at my Etsy Shop. (it may be a while :)
5) And am an admitted Estyaholic
6) At this very moment I have Orange on the brain, thanks to Denise of Freshly Found.
7) I cant wait for the 3rd of October, when DesignBOOM is announcing the results of the Premio Vico Magistretti furniture competition i was shortlisted for. Hold thumbs!

Hmmm, and the people I'm tagging are:
Sunday Workshop
Freshly Found
Smoke & Ochre
Lead & Light
Whimsical Delights
Workingclass Heroes

Phew, I'm done.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Nice list. If you ever find out that too much tea is unhealthy, don't tell me. I couldn't live without tea, and too much of it!

Good luck with the report...