Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ok I blame Denise of Freshly Found for my current addiction to orange, Its one of those obsessions that slowly you manage to get under control until someone (ahem) brings it to the fore again. Anyway I asked Denise if she'd mind me continuing from where she left off by posting some things (orange) that are super cool.
Above are really cool, scarab beetle room dividers by EggDesigns, a South African Industrial and Interior design company. The do some Brilliant stuff.

And I'm very lucky in that the new Alba by Furni Creations also happens to be orange, so I can add it to this post. I love every single clock that these guys produce, they're brilliant.

And heres a new find, via NotCouture (in a roundabout way) these marbled resin rings by Free People are really cool, very simple, but very cool.

I can think of a few more people that have either very cool orange (ahem, Skinny laMinx) tea-towels or other people who have a similar love of the colour (ahem, Orangebeautiful/The SCOOP).


Freshly Found said...

Great stuff Chris! Thanks for the mention. I've put a mention on my blog too.
Not sure if I should thank you for tagging me or not though??!!

Diana Coronado said...

Great post !!
Nice watch !!

lluviaschick said...

love the clock!! your blog is really interesting (well, both blogs)

Xander said...

Orange is such an intriguing color... I normally don't like warm colors, but something about orange appeals to me. It's warm without being sunny, and has a slightly sinister edge.

Though to be fair, that scarab room divider is so incredible that it would probably look awesome in almost any color. -X