Friday, September 28, 2007

I Love Durban, Crystal Campbell

I recently came across this illustration, done by Crystal Campbell, who worked as a designer at Modern Museum (where I work). But now she's off to do her Masters in the UK. Good luck to her.
She is also part of a creative collective, Rosebud&Grumpers.
She has done some brilliant work check out her portfolio here.


Danielle said...

thank you for the post! her work is really awesome, especially the "study of grumpiness"

Crystal said...

Hey Chris, thanks, I love your blog, it's really interesting, I'm bookmarking it for my weekly web trawl. x

Freshly Found said...

Wow! Thanks for the link. Crystal does great stuff. Makes me want to rush off to The Space again.

Xander said...

I've been dreaming lately of finding a blog that featured some hip South African design... I'm quite excited to have come across your blog. -X