Monday, October 1, 2007

Youngna Park Photography

Some flipping brilliant photography by New York based photographer Youngna Park, I particularly liked the images from her "street" category. I think its the urban/neutral feel that they have, coupled with the bright swatches of colour, makes for great photos.
via A cup of Jo. via Ali Loves Curtis although they liked a different pic, from the "light" category.


dontyouhateme said...

hey man yeah most people dont get it to be honest a lot of the people doing graffiti dont get it! its very hard to explain but there is an art to doing it! anyone can scribble but hardly anyone can pull of a fresh handstyle! there are a few in south afirca who have dope styles & put them up & who understand the realness & the essence that is tagging! thanx for the view!

cotton candy said...

wow!! thank you for introducing me to a new and such an amazing photographer!!

Joanna Goddard said...

hey christopher, if you love her street photography, you might like her brooklyn morning print available at

xo joanna