Monday, November 12, 2007

tu-tu r.t.d. Flower Packaging

I find it hard to believe that the "vases" above (designed by Rock, Paper, Scissors) are actually just the packaging, they look so sculptural, so final.

The design integrates a vase directly into the the packaging for flowers. The concept is by ishii yoji and hattori ayako and it is produced by Suntory flowers, and was presented for the first time during the Tokyo design week. designBOOM

Initially I thought it was a white porcelain base, and clear glass sides, but when I investigated, it turns out the clear sides have a pattern etched onto them, and the base has a natural/fiber looking texture.
I prefer the above picture, looks far more clean, and reminds me of that flower (magic rose) container from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. via DesignBOOM

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Freshly Found said...

Beautiful! I love the whiteness and the cleverness!