Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5.5 Designers, Wallpaper Games

"How to design a wallpaper without confronting a decorative vision?
More than a simple wall facing, we have created a range of expression surfaces. Surfaces that become an area for playing. Alone or with several people, try find the labyrinth's exit, the hidden words or challenge your partner(s) with the well known tic tac toe square."

These wallpapers are awesome, especially good for bathrooms and waiting areas. I like how even though the user is scribbling on the wall, the "rules" or process of the games themselves limit that graffiti to small individual marks on the surface, not intrusive, and growing with time.Done by 5.5 Designers, and design research and consulting firm, founded in Paris in 2003. The company is dedicated to discovering the hottest new objects, developing innovative products at low cost.
(via DesignBOOM)

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