Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Emergency Break Glass, Money box

"Add coins at your own risk: only by smashing the glass can they be retrieved. As you watch your money literally build up, you will be torn between the desire to save more or cash in. With money rapidly disappearing into plastic cards and online transactions, the physical presence of ‘In Case of Emergency' money box will make you think more carefully before you decide to splash out. What will be your moment of need?" SuckUK

Designed by Becky Miller, a recent graduate of the University of Brighton. Good enough to be scooped up and sold by SuckUK. I really like it, especially the fact that you can see the money inside.
(via ItsNiceThat)


bb_aisha said...

I like. I used to have a glass jar where I used to toss in my coins. I'm a coin phobe. If I have two R5 coins, & a R10 note, I'd use the note. I collected quite a bit in coins, and every now & then, would exchange them for notes, & use the cash.

My mum & I also had thing for collecting R5 coins-& landed up with a couple of thousand rand.

Hmm..I should start collecting again, & get myself one of these

Joanna Goddard said...

that's great. i just read the glass castle (incredible) and they have a real piggy bank. it sort of got me interested in piggybanks. i know this is a random comment:) thanks for the post.

South African Scenic Beauty said...

I just got a piggy bank for christmas, gonna save till I can go to Jamaica